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More Welfare, More Opportunities
In order to encourage the enthusiasm of our staff, we set up different incentive schemes from time to time. There will be awards like Best Employees, Best Sales, Best Department, etc. every year to reward our outstanding performed staff. We also provide housing arrangement and basic allowance for business trip missions.

Professional Training System
We provide integrated training system, which our staff are benefited from different stages since the first day in the company. The training platform offers an opportunity to grow and improve through practice and guidance from senior colleagues and also from their peers, which also includes a full access information platform that enable a better and faster learning channels through self-studies.

Every year there will be a lot of activities and a couple of team travels allowing our staff to escape from the uproarious modern city and embrace the nature, to connect and band with other colleagues in a more relax and comfort way.

We have a birthday day every month for the staffs to celebrate their birthdays, especially for those away from their own families, to let them feel at home.

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